Sunday, April 20, 2008

what i saw at kent state

this weekend i went to the art of communication show which was the vcd senior portfolio show for graphic design at kent. i 90% went to see natalie speck and everything wonderful she's been working on. but i did want to see the other work too. it was all really nice and i thought alot about how i wished (even if only a tiny bit of me did) that i went to school for graphic design. or at least took some classes. i've always loved the idea of designing packaging and organizing websites and layouts of things. but in reality, the whole computer savviness thing really deterred me.
but the show was great. and carli had her portfolio in the show as well, which i had never seen her work (or any of thier work) and i've known her for what, 3 years? anywho. i totally loved these little paper fries and hamburgers she designed (and i'm still trying to find a picture)

also i got to help break in emily roetzel's studio space! i finally made it out there. she's got a great little nook (that fits 3 people!) with an enameling kiln, acetylene torch, stakes/hammers, and an assortment of handtools. yay!
i made a handful of production jewelry for the kent co-op sale the first full week of may (5-9th)
also i attempted to wetpack these huge anitclastic hoop earrings and as i finished and stood up, i dropped them and splattered the enamel on the floor. oops.
so maybe next time i go there i will have the patience to retry those.

while in ohio i got to see the final steps of caitlin clary, allison dickey and heather smotzer's senior jewelry/metals projects. those girls blew me away. i was thrilled to see each of thier pieces because they were all three very different in style, technique and presentation. and i love that about our studio. everyone has thier interests and view on metalsmithing.
caitlin is finishing up toy jewelry that includes a kaliedoscope ring and top earrings and a marble game locket each are beautifully embossed and pierced and powdercoated.
allison was finishing her skeleton sculptures. she raised tiny copper skulls and welded and formed tiny copper bones that are impressively intricate. each little skeleton is of a siamese twin and/or deformed body.
and heather is making these striking bussells out of forged copper floral patterns welded together and formed to the body. each are powder coated, spray painted and/or flocked with tap and die floral pieces atop.

i can't wait to see them in the gallery. (the thing about student work that is infurating is that you can never find photos of the work online!!!! i wish i could show you!)

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