Sunday, April 27, 2008

Metals show!

well i have new photos to put up and share.
(ignore the quality of these photographs)
(i wish someone could've known/seen the pain in uploading all these photos on this old computer connected by dial-up. i also accidently deleted many of them and had to re-upload them. garh!)
first i have shots from the metals senior show reception. i have a few of allison's work and one of heather's. but the ones i took of caitlins did not come out very well since they were under glass.

i am so in love with these pieces allison created. the day i left to come to kent i was watching some show on pbs about the mutter museum (which she has described to me several times and knows it inside and out.) and i was blown away by the three siamese skeletons above (one sharing a fused skull/ribcage, sharing ribcage and sharing a pelvis with three legs) and while i was watching the tv show i fell in love with these figures because of thier complexity and the sadness surrounding irregularities and it's freak show quality (that i've been slightly obsessed with since my own research on the disfigured). so when i got to the show i knew i would be excited to see what she completed. but the sensitivity to everything about these tiny memorialized figures was impeccable. there was a tenderness to the first one shown above that was very moving and it is by far my favorite. she explored these personal characteristics that a twin would have and made these kind of memorials to them in a precious time withstanding material and put them on display. i loved it.
i can't say enough good things about it.

also i wish i had gotten pictures before they were put on these models, because you might be able to see them better. but here are the 3 bustles that heather made. very impressive, i knew these would turn out amazing. really intricate copper stock forged and formed to the body. and the way these accentuate the body are right on. the middle one especially cups her hips and has these bright large flower forms to bring even more attention and volume to that area. beautiful! also the purple lily one on the right is very graceful as it comes up around her upperback and appears to be this collar. very nice.

i wish i had pictures of caitin's because i really admire her work and think that she has a great sense of color, line and texture. and her ability to make jewelry that can be jewelry and still be art without making it too theatrical/bold/outrageous is something i wish i could do. i wish i could use restraint and make things more wearable/approachable the way she does.

also, i finally took pictures of my painting/small metals studio space. i wish i had more tools and everything, but i'll only be using it for maybe another 6 weeks. it works!

weavings i've been working on to satisfy my need for repetative behaviors. i'll post more later.

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