Wednesday, April 23, 2008

mario, silverware, corey.

first i wanted to put up illustrations that my sister-in-law's brother mario does.
i laugh alot when i see these illustrations. usually each is for a newspaper, magazine, ad kind of thing. sometimes i wish i could read the corresponding article. check out his work.

what else.

i've been talking endlessly to people about how i want design and make an entire serving set (basically just for myself) that have perfectly weighted forks/spoons and silver serving creamer/bowls and also perfectly thrown/glazed ceramic plates/dishes. and hand blown glass drinking cups and everything.

i'm sick of mass produced dishes and utensils that i use everyday. none of them are perfect. the weight is always off and everyday you should use something really special. so my goal this summer might be to make a set of silverware. or maybe i could just buy some from corey's beautifully hand forged spoons. like the one below:

friday is the kent state jewelry/metals senior project show. if you're in that area, you should attend and support them! i'll be there.

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Liz Steiner said...

I wish I could be there!