Tuesday, March 31, 2009

farm sanctuary

Farm Sanctuary 

just read some of it.
perhaps one day i will have my own rescued turkey to gobble around with. or a bunch of sheep!

jacqueline ryan

i've never been able to say enough about how much i love jacqueline ryan's work. I can't quite articulate why i love it so much, either. i know that the repetition just kills me. the intricate repeating over and over until more pattern and shapes emerge. the warmth of the red gold and the contrasting warm, sky to blueberry hues of enamel.
the organic compounding imagery. repetition, shape, pattern, yet faulty and natural in pattern. never is it to exact.
meeting her in italy was one of my favorite days of my life. holding her work, seeing her sketches, and hearing her view of craft and art and creating. it really has stuck with me for almost 2 years.
i want to make some paper models.

little blue bells.

much more geometric, yet still organic pattern-making.

Friday, March 27, 2009

no surprises

i was watching the radiohead video for no surprises today.
this song never fails to make my chest ache. it's beautiful and haunting. 
i seem to blast it so loud in my headphones that my whole body vibrates.
check out the video on youtube.

500 enameled objects

i got this today! check me out on page 188!! and other kent staters, kate denslow, jess schlachter, barbie gossen, tanesa flavell, liz steiner, katy cassell and others!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

hubble telescope photos

the nerd in me has been looking at images from the Hubble telescope and feeling baffled by it all. it must amaze every person who sees them. it sure makes your life seem so insignificant and pointless. we're all scrambling around to get money and buy things while ignoring the people and things you love. and this only lasts 70 years... it sure makes me want to do whatever i want, whenever i want. there is no time to waste. 


maps of the geological study of the lower mississippi by harold n. fisk in 1944. i found it on pruned.  they are stunning, are they not? 

Mel Kadel

i adore these drawings by mel kadel. they are so much of what my dreams feel like. what i think clouds all of our minds, even if it's only in our times of insecurity or fear.  there is a strong sense of childhood in these drawings and the loneliness or confusion or fear of adolescence.
you need to see all of them that are up online.

industrial design.

mark newson chair made of a single slab of marble.
i adore this lamp shape. so classic.

this loveseat is just clean and normally thats not my goal in what i want to see, but this somehow really pleases me. the full looking form and the loopiness of the armrests gives it more curvature than a minimal, clean, sleek chair design.

Mark Newson is an industrial designer who has designed objects, interiors, cars, furniture, and functional objects of all sorts. this is his concept car for ford. i think it's divine.

bauhaus artists of the early 20th century continually influence me and i often refer to images i've stockpiled when i'm feeling uninspired. 
some of my favorite architecture comes from mies van der rohe
color wheel

Friday, March 6, 2009

i'm thinking i really need to revamp my whole approach to this blog. i definitely want to keep all the nuances that i adore.  but i need to add more of the things i actually think about and want to investigate with links /text that has a bit more to offer.  i feel like it's becoming more of a livejournal site than an investigatory blog about my visual demands/interest/longings. what do you think? i'm going to start that... as soon as i finish my etsy duties/photos/business propositions.