Monday, April 14, 2008

susan & april

i just wanted to comment about how i love this ring:

"Knoll" by susan skoczen, who was a visiting teacher last year. i however did not have her for a class at kent, but would see her and her work occasionally.
it's oxidized silver with flocking. i wish i had experimented with flocking on jewelry. i had a blast making that mannequin. and this piece has such a fun and carefree texture. i am a person of order, but i appreciate that funky green growth.

and (i know this may not be the clearest photo) but i really love these enameled pendants by april higashi. i've been admiring her work for maybe a year. as someone who is visually enthralled by repeating lines and patterns, i've been slightly obsessed with these enamels. plus they're so rich with layers and yet subtle: perfect.

it makes me desperately want to be enameling right now.

also, i know its hard to tell, but the color and is terrffic on this bracelet. very simple and yet wearable. i just love it (plus that i adore it's little box)

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