Wednesday, December 24, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things.

i've loved these pop up cards for over a year.
Mr fox and trees and sheep.
you can find this at soop on etsy.

cute ring

cute ring from melanie favreau

Sunday, December 21, 2008

enchanted forrest!

See our enchanted forrest.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

the fall

let me say it's been a year since i've graduated from kent, and this year couldn't have gone faster.
i spent six months at home babysitting my niece
close to 3 months in maine teaching jewelry and hanging out with kids
and then the last 3 months in Los Angeles working at a jewelry company and living a new life.
wow. mostly i've spent very little on making work or exploring much outside of sellable jewelry and purely aesthetic paintings. i don't like that i haven't made much work. i usually have several projects going on at once, exploring many mediums. but not these days.

i have been inspired by many things lately.
this incredible movie: the fall.

life moves fast

Saturday, November 15, 2008


kate, emily and i seeing ALANIS!!!
Halloween!!! emily as a garden creature, and me as a business zombie.

i've been living in Los angeles for about 2 months now. i work in production at a commercial jewelry place. it's decent. i like working with my hands, but i'm missing the creative ability to do what i want. i'm starting to look for possible grad schools for next fall. it seems daunting and i have no real idea what i want. but i will figure it out.
this new life has been pretty fun out here. i know it will get better too!!
more pictures to come.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

fivel goes west.

photos from my westward trip.

Indiana, pa to mammoth cave KY, St Louis Arch, KANSAS, colorado springs, CO, rocky's, mesa verde CO, four corners, ZION national park, grand canyon (north rim), las vegas, redlands CA!
kate, me and joe.
ME! (i'm under the arch)

kate and i wondering if someone was breaking into the car

frolicking in the rocky mountains in Colorado

joe, kate, me and brandon at mesa verde colorado listening to our guide, tim.
four of us at the four corners i am showing kate the rocks i found at the four corners.
kate and i in a tree at the north rim of the grand canyon, arizona

"stop worrying about where you're going and just enjoy where you're at."

thats been my motto for a year or so now
(in addition to "party hard")
i just made a trek across the country from maine to PA to CA. i'm trying to relocated fully to Los Angeles area within the next weeks. this should be a big change. but i'm excited and nervous and thrilled to try something new.
i'll get back to you with more creative inspired posts.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


i've been neglecting this blog for months now. i'm in the midst of a journey for new/better things. i spent nearly 10 weeks in washington maine teaching metals at an arts camp. it was amazing. the kids were great and many of their metal projects impressed me. it was a whirlwind of excitement dealing with teaching for the first time, watching kids, meeting friends and being away in a secluded area.
it was fun.
after we left we stopped in Syracuse, Ny Buffalo NY, Niagara NY, Pittsburgh PA, Indiana PA, Kent OH, Cleveland OH, and Sandusky OH. all stops on the great American north east bar tour. it was a tremendous amount of fun. finally i have settled at home for a week or so. stopping in Harrisburg pa for a baby shower. all i've been doing is packing my things to make a giant relocation out west in Los Angeles.
packing your things for a move like this in the tiny volume of a Hyundai elantra amongst two others is going to be a challenge.
nonetheless i hope to start a new, fulfilling, adventurous life on my own with my friends in a new place. it should be good/terrifying/new/worrisome/fun.

i have some new production work i've been making this summer having access to a relatively full studio. there are new things on
and also on:
check them out, give me some feedback.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

thankfully snagnews just informed me of a website i'd never seen. so whilst exploring it i amassed a collection of photos to share. look at objectfetish for more or to buy!

Zwetelina Alexieva rings

necklance and brooch by mike and maaike

dealing with the tangible vs. digital.

each image is a google image of a real and costly peice of famous jewelry (ex:the hope diamond) and "stolen" as a digital image and made real. pixelated and fuzzy. i love it. from concept to look to idea to execution.

18 by Karola Torko

poppy earrings by alidra alic

Painted enamel Ring by April Higashi. both simple and complex.

earrings and necklace by Cilmara de Oliveira inspired by mourning jewelry

Monday, June 2, 2008


hello friends.
i wanted to let you know if you're reading this that i have finally put a handful of items up on etsy for sale.
also have added way more jewelry to my list of sellable items at
egg yellow
so check them out. let me know what you think.
i'm excited to get this stuff out there and online and for others to see who might not typically see my production work. thanks

Monday, May 19, 2008

I'm stickin with you.

Things i love right now:

cute drawings by denise simon

The velvet fucking underground. i mean really. is there possibly a band out that has ever existed that i love more? all i've been wanting to listen to is them these past few weeks. i throw in some led zeppelin every now any again, but who doesn't. i can't say enough about them.
they were simply way ahead of their time.

And if i'm in the mood for something bluer, i listen to the black keys over and over and over again. i have never gotten sick of them. i'd say if i were a musician i would aspire to write and deliver songs identically to them. that is how much i love them.
their so good, and rich and have this sound that drives me crazy.
Gorgeous heels.

Also, i just love this tori amos album cover.

thats all i've got right now
stay tuned for things tomorrow..
also i have new items posted on egg-yellow
i still need to put up descriptions and prices. but look anyhow!

Sunday, May 11, 2008


camilla engman

these are some images i found recently that i kept to show you.
i like the painting's washy quality. i've noticed lately while painting that i prefer the thinnest paint washes layered on top of eachother to make that thin/uneven surface.
also this cup/saucer is just terrific.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

anya, yuyen, julia, laura

really: this blog has become less about me talking about anything i post, and more of a visual online scrapbook of things i want others to know/see/appreciate. my inarticulate words really have no bearing on another's perception of art. so look, enjoy, come back for more.

i admire anya kivarkis' dedication towards preserving the importance of the historical aspect of jewelry and adornment. but moreover i admire her restraint in which it's simplicity in color/texture/form is what makes this work so compelling.

Yuyen Chang's series of brooches are some of my favorite jewelry pieces i've ever seen. i always called them orafice series. and i'm not sure if i made that up, but i always associate that title. it makes me feel uncomfortable and yet intrigued. you question what that crevasse is and i assume it's something not to be displayed on the body.
the questioning is my favorite aspect of art because it is much more fascinating.
also note her use of restraint and how the piece is not overworked or elaborated on.

this work by julia harrison has been on my mind for years. i've forgetten most of the details, and when i stumbled upon it in an old metalsmith magazine from 2006, i wrote down her name to be sure i posted images. the subtleness of these brooches is worthy of recognition. the meatiness of these lips/pouts is something i love. i can't even put it into words. each has much to say and are unique to the person/situation.
i also had an affection for series of objects of any kind where you subconciously or not pick out your favorite or one that you identify with. that process is very juvenile to me and i love that. everyone has a favorite. mine is top right corner. i think it's because it looks most like my mouth.

also i love love love love this piece. i think it's beautiful and clever and simple and clean.
it is also by julia harrison

i was captivated by Laura Marsden's recycled plastic lace ruffs. each are hand stitched and appear very delicate. i have an affinity towards all things lace now after my senior project series. the repetition and the traditions of textiles is incredibly important and should be highly valued.

that is all i have now

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


i'm still laughing over these pictures.
thank you pete for leaving this link in your away message. it made my day a bit more sunny.

(that kid above looks like eric lutz (for you ihs grads))

Monday, April 28, 2008


very cute plates

books sorted by color coding the spines.