Monday, May 19, 2008

I'm stickin with you.

Things i love right now:

cute drawings by denise simon

The velvet fucking underground. i mean really. is there possibly a band out that has ever existed that i love more? all i've been wanting to listen to is them these past few weeks. i throw in some led zeppelin every now any again, but who doesn't. i can't say enough about them.
they were simply way ahead of their time.

And if i'm in the mood for something bluer, i listen to the black keys over and over and over again. i have never gotten sick of them. i'd say if i were a musician i would aspire to write and deliver songs identically to them. that is how much i love them.
their so good, and rich and have this sound that drives me crazy.
Gorgeous heels.

Also, i just love this tori amos album cover.

thats all i've got right now
stay tuned for things tomorrow..
also i have new items posted on egg-yellow
i still need to put up descriptions and prices. but look anyhow!

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Emily said...

haha i love you.. that is me in a pouch. dbj.