Wednesday, May 7, 2008

anya, yuyen, julia, laura

really: this blog has become less about me talking about anything i post, and more of a visual online scrapbook of things i want others to know/see/appreciate. my inarticulate words really have no bearing on another's perception of art. so look, enjoy, come back for more.

i admire anya kivarkis' dedication towards preserving the importance of the historical aspect of jewelry and adornment. but moreover i admire her restraint in which it's simplicity in color/texture/form is what makes this work so compelling.

Yuyen Chang's series of brooches are some of my favorite jewelry pieces i've ever seen. i always called them orafice series. and i'm not sure if i made that up, but i always associate that title. it makes me feel uncomfortable and yet intrigued. you question what that crevasse is and i assume it's something not to be displayed on the body.
the questioning is my favorite aspect of art because it is much more fascinating.
also note her use of restraint and how the piece is not overworked or elaborated on.

this work by julia harrison has been on my mind for years. i've forgetten most of the details, and when i stumbled upon it in an old metalsmith magazine from 2006, i wrote down her name to be sure i posted images. the subtleness of these brooches is worthy of recognition. the meatiness of these lips/pouts is something i love. i can't even put it into words. each has much to say and are unique to the person/situation.
i also had an affection for series of objects of any kind where you subconciously or not pick out your favorite or one that you identify with. that process is very juvenile to me and i love that. everyone has a favorite. mine is top right corner. i think it's because it looks most like my mouth.

also i love love love love this piece. i think it's beautiful and clever and simple and clean.
it is also by julia harrison

i was captivated by Laura Marsden's recycled plastic lace ruffs. each are hand stitched and appear very delicate. i have an affinity towards all things lace now after my senior project series. the repetition and the traditions of textiles is incredibly important and should be highly valued.

that is all i have now


steamingvenus said...

can i just say that i looked at the lips picture before i read what was underneath and thought "i like the top right corner the most because that looks like my mouth when it's relaxed" and theeennnn saw you wrote the same thing. that's sick.

beck said...

yeah well, really. what do you expect? there are things connecting our brains that would boggle most people.
thats right. i said boggle.

ceheomsk said...

My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!