Thursday, June 12, 2008

thankfully snagnews just informed me of a website i'd never seen. so whilst exploring it i amassed a collection of photos to share. look at objectfetish for more or to buy!

Zwetelina Alexieva rings

necklance and brooch by mike and maaike

dealing with the tangible vs. digital.

each image is a google image of a real and costly peice of famous jewelry (ex:the hope diamond) and "stolen" as a digital image and made real. pixelated and fuzzy. i love it. from concept to look to idea to execution.

18 by Karola Torko

poppy earrings by alidra alic

Painted enamel Ring by April Higashi. both simple and complex.

earrings and necklace by Cilmara de Oliveira inspired by mourning jewelry

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Jeffrey said...

I love Zwetelina Alexieva Jewelry - $288 is a bargain on the craftwomanship that went into