Saturday, April 12, 2008

jacqueline ryan and arthur hash

here are the most inspirational things i've seen in a long long time:

first and foremost jacqueline ryan. her aesthetic knocks me out everytime i see her work.

the color and simplicity/complexity is really one of a kind.

the hand made quality and her obsession with doing every part of it by hand with attention and care. it's important for me to remember that in world of easy production work, quick fixes and reproduction, most craftsmen really want to spend the time to make the best possible work.

blue enamel/gold brooch

gold ring. this great rose gold ring with tiny leaves is such a simple idea and yet is remarkably complex and delightful. i got to hold this ring!


also her sketchbooks. we got to see these first hand in florence last summer. never have i been more impressed with a sketchbook of ideas and works in progress.

she explained that often her paper models take more time and care than her finished metal pieces due to thier complexity and problemsolving beforehand. beautiful.

also, lately i've been stumbling upon arthur hash's work. i saw him at baltimore last year as a featured artist and quickly took note about how i adored his aesthetic. since then i've just come across his work as links on people's websites, in metalsmith and at the society of contemporary craft to name a few.

i love this piece. i wish i could wear it.

it's a cast polyurathne bracelet

and the tiny pink chainsaws. how can you not think that is the most wearable thing?

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