Sunday, March 7, 2010

echo park's finest apartment designs

i finally got around to taking new photos of our ever expanding apartment.
this space has made me so excited and proud to live here. emily and i are always trying to find new items and designs for the rooms below. somehow we've managed to come up with this design without ever discussing what we'd like it to look like. but to me it's a perfect meld of our ideal seperate aesthetics. i think she would agree. we've got many patterns (me!), bold colors (her!) and vast neutrals to balance it all out. plus texture and patterns that are both cute (her) and repetitive (me!)
so enjoy your glance at our humble abode.
perhaps when i redecorate my bedroom-you will see new photos of that too.

lanterns hanging low, table with tray of butter,sugar, salt and cream. all the major food groups are represented. bowl of oranges/manderines. succulents, spider plants and aloe.

just finally put up these plants in their egg shaped planters. plus the chalkboard and stripes
i love looking at this fridge everyday. it's got all the people i love on it.
kitchen view. paper lanterns, plants, photos!
my favorite spot.
entire view of the living room. large paper lantern, record player, seating, plants and my macbook
shelf of curiosities. photos, shadow puppets (thanks to j-lo) some metalwork, tawainese doll, seashells, starfish, agate slivers, don cheadle portrait and more.
slouchy futon with matching ottoman and cherry pillows! if the glass wasn't so reflective, you'd see the button collection within the frame. emily's wonderful creation.

living room view from the view of the couch. tv, shelf of curiosities and view to the dining area of the kitchen.
paint swatch deigns above the television. these are the newest additions in wall artwork that we've put up. i think they tie everything together. i can't stop looking at them, i love them so!