Saturday, April 4, 2009

my future as a van owner.

i barely even researched it, just by google image searching. but i think i found the perfect custom painted vans for my future life as an even bigger creep than i already am:

this is my top pick. i mean, what is really going on here? a two door van with blue rims and a painting of something that looks like Minis Tirith, from return of the king. plus there is some figure on the left. it's quite nerdy.this has got to be from pimp my ride.  i mean it's actually pretty rockin. you might, or might not know of my love for metallic fuchsia.i'm loving the streamlined look, as if it's fast.
also that short, but wide front window. awesome!

this is amazing. how do i get invited to a gathering where this might be going on?

this is the most feasible of all the vans. lookin' dingy and old and rusty (GREAT!) but it's also got that "pervert window" in the back. you know the rear seat is put down as a bed with some shag carpet to lure in the ladies.  

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KATE said...

you should have someone air brush zeppelin on the side or something. a wizard. i would die for something so cool. i was actually just talking about this with jason the other day. i think he thought i was joking. what if one had atreyu riding falcor on the side of it!