Tuesday, March 31, 2009

jacqueline ryan

i've never been able to say enough about how much i love jacqueline ryan's work. I can't quite articulate why i love it so much, either. i know that the repetition just kills me. the intricate repeating over and over until more pattern and shapes emerge. the warmth of the red gold and the contrasting warm, sky to blueberry hues of enamel.
the organic compounding imagery. repetition, shape, pattern, yet faulty and natural in pattern. never is it to exact.
meeting her in italy was one of my favorite days of my life. holding her work, seeing her sketches, and hearing her view of craft and art and creating. it really has stuck with me for almost 2 years.
i want to make some paper models.

little blue bells.

much more geometric, yet still organic pattern-making.

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Anonymous said...

those peices are so perfect. they seem so delicate and precious and the color is so pleasing.