Saturday, January 24, 2009

a new pendant

i set up shop today on my desk i found in the trash. look at my tools out!
i should celebrate actually making something with them.
(and i did a pretty bang up job considering what i lack- like a flex shaft/drill press)

so i took an old enameling sample i made years ago that i've always been found of and i made a setting.  i pierced out the back (getting used to my saw again was a challenge) and then i put it on an chain i made this summer that is really bulky and nice. 

plus i think i like the back more than the front, which is an extra bonus! but i'm pretty happy about actually spending 2 hours or so making it. it was super easy even though i have the most incomplete metalworking studio these days (which consists of a few hammer and some pliers and a bench pin.) but it's worth celebrating!

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Anonymous said...

nice work! if you need anything sent from home, let us know. or you can take it when you come to visit :)